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    [story] Kill The Clones

    I got off the weightlifting rack and then went to shower. Coming out, I dressed, and stepped into the circle marked "1". The matter replicator hummed as warmth shot through my body. I stepped out of the circle, which said "2", and looked at my identical copy, still standing in circle "1"...
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    Favorite Sounds of Death

    Me saying "please don't sh-" followed by thud of my falling body
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    [story] Dirt Nap

    Thanks, Caleb. Maybe next time Vnce and Carl make less holes in the body, so you have a more intact doll :)
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    [story] Dirt Nap

    I stood in the shower, looking down at water droplets running down my skin. Reasonably toned, considering the Covid quarantine. Pecs could be larger, though... I reached back and grabbed my buttcheek. Was it a nice buttcheek? Would a gay man want to grab a handful of that? Who knows, I'm not...