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    I love sleeping men.

    I really love to suck them. Here in Brazil men used to drink a lot before the chinese virus. By then one could find deeply sleeping guys on the streets almost every night. I miss that time. If anyone here would like to share sleeping men videos, contact me through
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    Handsome guy necropsy
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    What to use to make a guy sleep and get a boner?

    Need to know. A lot of guys usually drink with me but just as friends. Would love to touch them and give them some love while they're asleep. What drugs could i use and not harm them?
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    Need a guide

    Hey guys. I need a guide on how get a boy to sleep safely. I usually go to pubs where guys drink a lot usually sleep on the streets. But not in deep sleep, so I can't touch them just watch. Is there any tip for me to get them extremely drunk enough for them not to wake up so easily?
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    Bank robers killed by police in Brazil

    Brazil has finally started to fight crime for real and the result is tasteful: Soon more photos!