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    How much would you risk

    If i could choose , in one arena , or on a stage just with a small audience, would like to be impaled, ancient method. Thats one thing impossible to do allown, in any case ,even if small,thre would be an audience. Somebody else think about something like that ?
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    • CDG EXCLUSIVE • Young naked guy hanged upside down on a ladder and butchered

    can you tell , please , how does that work to download the file ? we msut copy these lines somewhere ?
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    Anyone interested in plastination?

    i am interested to know how you do that , if you do that , does the kind of liquid be inserted everywhere , in stomach swallowing and by ass like enema too , or only superficially , no ides about .. But i suppose to be nice its only done on a young guy . I am too old for it i suppsoe, except if...
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    Very heavy whipping

    where do you find those beautiful drawings ?
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    Looking for sub without limits

    wish i lived in washington!
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    Which kind of death most turns you on?

    any idea if its possible to be fisted , double fisted , make a prolapse , a long one, and cut it , attach and disembowel trough ass , if the hole stretched enough , empty inside withou trace outside , but a god fister in needed for that , maybe fist till the shoulder before
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    meeting snuffers - and chat / cam

    would like to know if one thing possible , gutterc are you on wickr ?