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    Merry Christmas

    Happy new year everybody!
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    Photos by Larry Clark

    Here's his executioner, also by Larry Clark
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    Professional journalism at its best

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    Many male feet wash up on British Columbia shore

    Strange report in Dutch newspapers and sites ( aan Canadese kust spoelen voeten aan), my translation below. Stu, ever been on vacation to British Columbian beaches? Must be paradise for you. Wednesday, 24 fbruary...
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    Happy new year

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    Stabbed near nipple

    He argued with someone asking him for money, who stabbed him and ran off without any cash.
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    Preview from Pirates of the Caribbean 27

    In which Jack Sparrow finally meets his end Two bikes collided, one driver was on his way to a costume party.
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    He didn't survive this crash

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    Shot naked in bed

    Drug user who had received several death threats
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    Boy in casket

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    Thief shot several times in his tattood chest

    Tried to rob an armed taxi driver. Bad boy before he made his bad choice:
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    Stabbed to death and dumped in river

    Carlos Eduardo Da Silva before he was killed: