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    Necrophilia in the sims 4 reloaded

    Thank you very much guys for liking this thread. The gibbets are unpublished. I need to make them work correctly a.k.a. kill sims :devilish: Recently I made the cannibal MOd v2 and Love you to death MOD that includes necrophilia. I make this video for you to see what is about. Hope you like...
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    Hairy Arab Examined in Morgue

    Very habdsome arab. Did somebody cut out some of his nails?
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    Classic ogrish videos.

    Hello. I will post some interesting videos from the past. If you have some please post. :super couple: Here it is the first. Shotgun victim. :green grin:
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    Medical museum in Mexico.

    Here it is. I lower the resolution. Hope all you like! n_n
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    Medical museum in Mexico.

    Hello phyzzique. If you click on download you can see the video with image. I dont know if i did something wrong. I just click in upload video via the post. But dont show image in the preview video window. :unsure: Did I made something wrong???
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    Medical museum in Mexico.

    Time ago I visited the medical museum in my country Mexico. At the entrance there was displayed a plastinated body in a small room with two mummies. Hope you will like the video. n_n
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    Classic Collection

    Hello. I have some sets in my collection. Organ donor. Fuel truck destroys car. (uncompleted set) Revenge murder in Brazil Six killed in car crash. Romania Mixed sets. Hope you wil like!!
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    Necrophilia in the sims 4 reloaded

    Thank you buddies. More photos to come! n_n Yes they are mods. You can check my tumblr. Just scroll until you find some items. tumblr link Or my modthesims account MTS link Also sacrificial, another modder, create some cool mods. Please check his page too Sacrificial page
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    Morgue Dreams from China

    Hello buddies. Ok here they are the videos. They are still in youtube. Enjoy! n_n Video 1 Video 2
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    Morgue Dreams from China

    I have one of the videos. Im going to Private messsage you to send it.
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    2nd Catalogue of dead dudes tattoos and clothes. Mexico

    Here is the final catalogue of cdg. If you identify some of them please contact to Jalisco INCIFO. Some examples. The catalogue.
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    Catalogue of unidentified dudes tattoos clothes Mexico

    Hello. I will share this catalogue of unidentified dudes, they are photos of their clothes and tattoos. Hope you like. Some examples Download the catalogue here with plenty of more pics.
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    Dude playing dead in educational video.

    Its about on how to bath a corpse in hospital before putting in morgue.
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    Sims 4 erotic story.

    Matt is a lonely guy. He has no family or friends. One day he thinks he find the right mate when he met a guy at the gym. But Matt will get a surprise. Hope you like.
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    Feet soles fest for ricky and fetishist.

    Hope all you like! :hi bye: