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    Short Story from me

    I would make him dress up fully in warrior gear and I would make him abuse some prisons to make his testosterone flow in his body. I would make him do some gym practice too to get him bumped up and his manhood musky and salty like manly cock should be... then later in night I would tie him up...
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    If the capital punishment would be different....

    Everytime I see video or pictures were some people are killed by decapitation, shooting, hanging etc... I always just think that would world be different if death punishment be replaced by cutting male genital's off making them nullo and smooth and as sex toys to those who still are real men?
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    Hot looking glans That cock looks interesting. I would love to play with it and explore it
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    Meat to eat?

    I never understood it why it's criminal to eat some (human)meat if you have that person given you the permission? If some guy says to me: "here! Take off my cock and balls and eat them front of me." And I provide... After that if law enforcement later realize what (we both did) I get punished...
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    how many?

    If you could take what ever you want how many guys you would take? I'm very virile man and my sexual thoughts go beyond many things... I f I could choose I would take a man who can take my everlasting lust to completely himself or I could just take every man in the world. Because there's many...