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    New from CA

    Moved to CA. Exploring my fetish. Looking for cannibal play. Love seeing fit men chloro and kidnapped. Hung in meat hooks like piggies for slaughter.
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    Young victim for texting roleplay

    Hey there I am down
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    Movies Request and Search

    Does anyone know of movies where guys are butchered. Would love to see a Male torso hanging and being gutted or guys butchered
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    Beheading, skined off the face and dismembered a young fit guy

    I don’t think it works anymore
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    Meet South African hunk Bryce

    I would knock him over the head and watch those meaty pecs twitch. Then put his feet on meat hooks and hoist him upside down. Take a razor remove that chest and pit and leg hair. His meaty pecs would be a nice steak
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    I would string him upside down and drain him. Then peel off that pec meat and empty his torso he would make nice prime rib. His head looks like a nice scruff to make a mask or head cheese
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    Hot actor hit over head with hammer and strung upside down like a pig

    The charnel house. There’s one scene he is in gravity boots shirts. His meaty pecs and body cut to a piece of meat string up on a meat hook.
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    Sawyer Spielberg in Honeydew movie

    from the movie Honeydew. He’s fattened up to be fed to a decrepit old woman’s daughter then bred (won’t ruin ending). He has a nice strong torso and lots of meat. Different take on Hansel and Gretel meet TCM.
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    Hot actor hit over head with hammer and strung upside down like a pig

    This hot actor from the movie charnel house. He is a hockey player in the movie. Hit over the head with a hammer and knocked out. He’s then strung upside down and gutted (off screen). Wish they tore his shirt off to show him getting slaughtered like a pig.
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    Skinning hairy guys and tanning their hides

    This is so hot! I’ve always wanted to hit an attractive muscular build or a skinner otter twink over their head and watch them twitch. Then strung them up and skin their hairy meat off their pecs. Finding one out at a bar. When they have button downs showing off their meat.
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    Looking for long pig

    Looking for a young muscular or skinny man to chloroform or taser and string upside down. Hairy I’d shave off your chest hair to make a smooth long pig.
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    Meat hook

    Yea I have so hot. I usually like to watch horror movies with attractive men either strung up like in Texas chainsaw massacre 3. Or 100 bloody acres. I get so turned on by watching men twitching too like being hit over the head or chloroformed. Even on a table laid out no shirt. When I see men...
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    Skinning hairy guys and tanning their hides

    I do! I sometimes fantasize hitting some handsome hairy otters over their head with a hammer. Watching their torsos twitch and I string them upside down to skin them.
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    Meat hook

    Videos are also awesome
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    Meat hook

    Are there any good photos of men strung up on meat hooks being butchered? Hot fantasy of mine is seeing handsome men tied upside down and their pecs and torso cut.