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    Boy in bag, cut open flipped over, nice ass
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    NecroDudes (Chaz 03)

    Chaz gets it again...
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    NecroDudes (Chaz 02)

    Here's another hot one...let me know if you appreciate these guys...and up my rep power please."
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    NecroDudes (Jerry 01)
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    NecroDudes (Cain 01)

    Poor Cain is suffocated...
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    NecroDudes (Dino 01)

    Hot latin guy strangled... Note: this is a large set - 88 pics.
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    NecroDudes (Jason 02)

    Not a very good set (too much clothing), but he's still cute...
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    NecroDudes (Jason 01)

    Choke play at home can de dangerous...
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    NecroDudes (Charles 02)

    More of charles, unfortunately he has his socks on for this one, but he does get some good facial expressions going!
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    NecroDudes (Charles 01)

    Another hot stud
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    NecroDudes (Damian 02)

    More of this hot stud.
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    NecroDudes (Damian 01)

    Here is the complete set of one of Damian's episodes. Most NecroDudes photo sets were based on Female to Male role play, but still the end result is hot. I have more sets, and am willing to upload if these are wanted.
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