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    Putting a friend on a table and playing with his naked body

    I would LOVE for someone to do this sort of thing to me.
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    I fantasize about being embalmed.
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    My Fantasy: Love Dead Guy's Nipples & Navel

    I’d love for you to do that to me!
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    guy being strangled while receiving a hand job and cumming

    I fantasize about dying this way!
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    play dead dick China

    I would love for someone to play with me like that! Great video!
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    Looking for a New Necro Buddy

    Hi there!! I read through your message, and it really turned me on. My fantasies are very similar to yours, at least in some ways, and I would LOVE to be your next victim. I am now imagining dying with my eyes open, and you staring at my cold, dead, blue-gray eyes. I will e-mail you shortly...
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    Killing straight chinese men

    Hi! I am a 49 year old straight guy, but I fantasize (among other things), about a gay guy molesting my dead body. I am a white guy, though. Would you be interested?
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    new necro

    I am in my late 40s, east coast USA, and I have fantasies which are VERY similar to yours.
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    young man played morgue

    I would LOVE for somebody to touch my body like that, when I am dead! Seeing that got me pretty hard.