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    Autoerotic Asphyxiation or Murder?
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    Present For Foot and Boot Lovers

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    Jump From Tree

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    Crash And Burn!

    A youth identified as Chule Sergio Moreno, 27, died after a collision between a car and a truck which burst into flames early Friday afternoon at Km 220 BR-116, in Guarulhos
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    Hanging Out With The Family

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    Suicide Is Painless, It Brings On Many Changes....

    Shotgun death and jumping from a bridge
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    Unable To Enjoy The Spoils Of A Robbery

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    Tres Moto Acidentes

    First set:
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    Reason why religion is dangerous when those afflicted are in positions of power :banghead:
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    Sexy dudes singing about that crazy mormon LIAR, Romney

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    Madonna sued by Russian conservative activists for supporting gay rights Any bets that these activists are members of the Russian Orthodox Church? :unreal:
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    Hottie - Before & After - Another ho-hum day in S. America.

    Homicidio with a large audience.
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    Hottie with guts peeking out

    Homicidio. (Hope it's not a repost)
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    Undressing a knocked out MOTOCROSS dude