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    Executed Egyptian

    Such a waste of handsome dude... I could have sex with him for 6 rounds while he's still alive :very very sad:
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    Handsome Teen Dead

    I want to suck his nipples
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    Handsome Soldier Makes A Last Phone Call

    Let me suck his nipples before he goooo
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    Halfed man

    Can't imagine how his girlfriend might felt... Probably devastated... He's handsome my goodness me
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    Young Worker Fell inside Industrial Machine with Grinding Mechanism

    I hope his dick is still intact... Those nipples turns me on :bj:
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    Halfed man

    I'll take his upper part.. Love to play his nipples and rough kiss on that cold lips :Rock2:What happened to that poor guy anyway? He seems to be a hot dude and now he's dead :'( ... Any news to read about the accident please?
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    Image Request Thread

    I'd like to have his nipple in a photoframe :love1:
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    One Dead One Somehow Alive After Moto Accident

    The dead one looks so handsomeeee :blush:
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    Decomposed dead bodies of Soviet soldiers killed in war by Muj in Paktia Province.

    He's kinda handsome... Poor guy had to suffer in death. :'(
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    Couple Found Dead in Mexico with Gunshot Wounds

    If this kind of filth dropped off at my doorstep, I'll detonate nuclear bomb so this will incinerated in an instant
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    Dead Lad With Eyes Poked Out

    I don't care he got eyes or not... His body still looks hot
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    26 yo Railson Morais de Oliveira Executado

    How did he died? His body perfectly intact~ I wish to suck his dick
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    Without eyes and face he lies on the beach

    Still looks appealing to me... I could put him stiff sleeping next to me and would wake up early in the morning to suck his dick
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    Cutest Dead Guy of 2020 ☆ OFFICAL VOTING THREAD ☆

    Number 10 looks so handsome! I'll suck his nipple and suck on his lips to give him some life back
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    Now THAT was some party !

    I want to slide my tongue from his navel to his nipples :heart love: