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    Story Requests

    Anyone have requests for stories? Let's get the ball rolling. I'd love to see someone write a story where two fathers of teenage sons are hanging out, and one says to the other, "I'll kill yours if you kill mine." Any takers? Anyone got any other prompts?
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    poem: into the darkness

    i stood out smoking just for fun a man approached me, asked for one i obliged, something in me couldn't ignore tats peaking from under his shirt all up his neck and smudged with dirt the man looks all criminal and hard core inquiring 'bout the cheekbone tat a single teardrop, round and...
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    STORY: The Debt

    Jake visited home twice a year, usually. He’d moved away when he went to college-- the first one in the family. Scholarships, loans, anything to get the education he knew would get him enough money for-- well, just to get the hell out of New Mexico. He felt trapped there, trapped by the...
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    The Domestic Interrogation Unit at the Victory Base Complex in Iraq was just one of many of the US Army’s dirty little secrets. As controversy raged on over interrogation of terrorist suspects bordering on torture, they kept it quiet as possible that they did the same things or worse to their...
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    STORY: Shoulder Devil

    I am a shoulder devil. I make you do bad things because it entertains me. You won’t notice it-- I’m just a nice guy on the surface. But that’s an act. I want you to make mischief. And I’m good at making it happen. Deep down we’re all bad creatures, I simply help it come out. I like to think of...
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    Short Story: Baby-dick Tyler

    Tyler woke up with raging morning wood. It was only five and half inches, on a good day, but you take what you can get. He'd had a couple girls laugh at him. But then again, he'd had a couple girls that didn't seem to give a shit, and he'd railed the fuck out of them. Pulling back the covers, he...
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    Which story do you want to read first?

    STORY #1 - Thrill Kill I am a shoulder devil, disguised as a nice guy. I play nice on the surface, but I'm always pushing you, subtly, to make mischief, to be bad. Because it entertains me. I think I might have gone too far this time, but I doubt it. Everything happens for a reason, and that...
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    STORY - Trial Run

    The decision to build a gallows hadn't come from very high up, it would have never been approved. Sgt. Thompson knew that, and so hadn't asked permission. He had a little bit of a renegade streak, and was prone to entertain his sadistic side from time to time. It was part of the reason he was...
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    Bad Dad

    Dylan and I took our smoke breaks together in an alleyway by the dumpster behind downtown's newest coffee house because we weren't allowed to do it on the street where a customer-- excuse me, GUEST, might see. Can't let the public know that behind the facade of the crisp uniform, we're all...