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    Man Found Naked, with Signs of Torture.

    (Probably an old post. However, alot of pictures has been deleted so enjoy. ) A man's body, as yet unidentified, was found dead with cruelty, on the morning of Thursday (18), in the village Cable pasture, rural New Church. The victim was completely naked and showed signs of beating. According...
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    Dead, naked, plastic bag and a marker pen in the ass

    Is it possible to bring back the photos?
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    2 Ladroes Raped and Killed by Homeowner in House of Wonder

    Is there an uncensored one?
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    Necro Morgue Worker Playing with Dead Young Man

    Is it still possible to join the room?
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    Playing and Having Sex with the Dead Body of Young Tall Athletic Policeman

    I know you got alot of messages but yeah how do you join?
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    Where do y'all be finding your pictures at?

    I'm just curious on how does everyone come across their pictures and videos.