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    Young Motorbiker dies after Accident

    Wesley Reyes Ferrer, 24
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    Dude Killed Facedown

    Francisco Arias Brito, 35
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    Unidentifed Dead Bodies

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    2 Dudes Killed in Motorbike Accident

    Isaak Shekinah, 22 Ariel Sales, Age not Revealed
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    Fit Dominican Dead after Accident

    Jhon Taveras
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    Hockey Player "Adam Comrie" Dies at 30 Motorcycle Crash

    Hockey player Adam Comrie, who played as a defenseman for the Syracuse Crunch, was killed in a motorcycle crash in Virginia on Friday. He was 30 years old. Comrie played with the Crunch in the 2016-17 season, where he earned eight goals and 11 assists after playing 55 games. He had been playing...
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    Beirut Aftermath

    Dead and Injured People after Explosion I think 137 is a very low number to this tragedy
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    Pilot ejected moments before Plane Crash. Died anyway

    Gonzalo Britos Venturini, Age not Revealed
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    3 Dead Criminals on the Floor

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    Military Killed at 18

    Jhonatan Corrêa Pantoja, 18 Sorry for the bad quality
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    6 Band Criminals Killed in Venezuela

    The order of the names aren't the order of the pics. I don't know who are who, but I know which one you mean ;)
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    6 Band Criminals Killed in Venezuela

    “El Junior”, "El Luis”, “El Tazmania”, “El Ratón”, “El Cara’e Muerto” and “El Zancudo”
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    4 Criminals Killed in Venezuela

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    4 Black Men Naked