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    Public Hanging of Nazis in Ukraine The public execution took place on Kalinin square in Kiev on January 29, 1946.
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    Taliban hang bodies as warning in city of Herat

    The Taliban say they have shot dead four alleged kidnappers and hung their bodies in public squares in the Afghan city of Herat. The gruesome display came a day after a notorious Taliban official warned that extreme punishments such as executions and amputations would resume. The men were...
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    Man on Scooter Hit by SUV and Thrown into Traffic Like a Ragdoll

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    Two Attackers Shot Dead inside Indian Courtroom

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    Two Young Men Shot in the Street

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    Hanging Collection

    The Taliban hanged four men from a crane in the centre of Herat, Afghanistan and left their bodies on display as a warning.
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    Mexico Collection 2021

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    Young Man Killed with Sticks in India

    The Rohingyas were illegally encroaching and harassing the locals after which the armed forces had to be called and the young man was killed.
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    I am a morgue technician ask me anything

    First time I've heard of such thing.
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    Young Man Shot Dead while Having Lunch in a Restaurant

    Happened in Brazil in July 2021. 33-year-old victim died at the scene.
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    Dead Girls

    Indian woman hangs self on ceiling fan.
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    Three Killed After Man Detonates a Hand Grenade outside Courthouse in Tartus, Syria

    Happened on Sept 23, 2021 during personal dispute outside a courthouse. Eleven people were injured.