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    Looking for killer

    I'm ready to die I need someone đź’Ż really ready to kill me asap..
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    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    Wrickr me at meatboy1970 if u are real
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    Anyway you like to kill

    love be done
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    Anyway you like to kill

    going to try
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    Anyway you like to kill

    i'm 49 white male, i/m looking be killed anyway you like to do it..
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    If soneone love beibg choke out., they tell you tell them going kill them. Would you truly kill them if they ask you do it? Remember rhat choking thing.
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    Time to play

    Would like be track down naked hang or chop my head of..
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    Just do me in please

    I want be real life killed anyway you like to do it..kik me at meatboy70 or wrickr meatboy1970... no games or playing around.
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    Just do me in please

    Just wanted to die asap. Hang me, split me, or anyway you want to kill me. Wrickr me meatboy1970...100 really and ready
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    Game time

    looking for hunters who is willing track me down and kill me on site and cook and eat me. Who is willing to join Kik me at de4ever2001 or Gmail me at the same name or wickr me at meatboy1970. Let's do this asap
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    Game time

    Would love get few people together who would love track me down woods butt ass naked rape and kill me on spot.
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    Kiill me

    I'm still looking get rape and killed asap.
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    Let's have some fun

    Need ride to kanasa City MO, for some role play fun
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    Seeking cutter and killer

    Looking for someone willing come cut off my cock and balls and kill me days after that.
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    Let's have some fun

    Looking get kidnap, rape and killed. I'm 100% real and ready do this. Please no fake people Kik de4ever2001 or wickr meatboy1970.