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    Big Blast

    Well, this kid definitely met his goal. Not much room for error when you put a shotgun under your chin and push down on the trigger. Wonder if he knew that he'd piss his jeans when it happened, though...
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    Red Headed Hanger

    Well, I don't know about his hair, but literally his HEAD is RED... some serious blood swelling on this dude.
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    Hanger's hangers?

    Not sure if this hanger is wearing dark underwear, or if he had a darkly haired set of tackle...
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    Dead Buddy

    Gotta admire his friend, trying to listen for a breath and all. Pretty sure dude is dead, though. Nice stomach, however....
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    Bloody Crack

    Kind of a cool pic of what might have been a nice ass crack totally covered in hemorrhaging blood! Something for everyone!
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    Holy, er holey, dude on a steel table.

    Dude got shot 20 times. Name used to be Steve. Now, its sieve.
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    Soldier Selection

    For those of you that can't resist a guy in uniform:
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    Apparently these dudes didn't hear it coming. Then again, perhaps they did:
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    Car accident victims.

    I'm fairly certain these were fatal:
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    Gunshot victim apparently didn't make it.

    Well, it looks like they tried, hence the chest tube, cut open chest and rib retractor. The final two pictures are what they found when they cut him open. However, he ended up croaking anyway, as seen in the second picture where he's been sewn back up again.
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    Extra crispy.... with feet.

    Here's one for my buddies into feet, others who are into charred dude, and even others who just like young dudes. Something for almost everybody!
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    Last farewell to a buddy....

    Nice hairy chest on the grieving buddy. Wish we could see more of the dead guy. Oh well.
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    Who likes head??

    Heheh. Sorry, I crack myself up, sometimes:
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    Barney Rubble

    Well, whatever his name was, I think I'll call him "Barney Rubble." :tognue2:
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    Well, literally. If you like bbq'd dude, you might like this one: