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    24 year old look for playtime

    I would love to connect with you where do you live & tell me what do you look like & get into sexually & your age?
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    24 year old look for playtime

    Hi it sounds like we are into similar things. I am a pro wrestler & only wrestle for a private location with no fucking rules. All real. In the ring I literally & severally beat up scum turning them into a complete blood bath & then I snap & break there fucking bones. I violently rape them...
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    Nude Athlete Dismembered Alive in Mexico

    I am not into cutting off body parts. I am into literally & violently beating up scum so fucking bad that they are covered in blood & then I start breaking there fucking bones before I put an end to the scum for good.
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    User Friendly

    I find this site to be difficult to maneuver around. For example if I like to find members that are say 20-40 or live in a particular area there doesn't seem to be an option to do so.
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    I am looking to connect with men either in person or over the phone who are into very violent scenes who are in the US & or Canada. I am into muscular well built men 18-50. I love to severally beat up Fuckers into a complete bloody mess & flog them until every fucking inch of there body is...
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    Brutal Wrestling

    I am a bodybuilder 6'1 253 53ch 23bi 10.5ct & very brutal top. As a top I get into barebacking, fisting, flogging, s&m, bondage, leather, very severe ball torture, face fucking, torture, nipple work physical & verbal abuse. I also am a trained pro wrestler for a private underground wrestling...