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    A Cannibal's First Bite

    Heart No matter answer this question for how many times. If it is possible, being Aztec style: stand on a stone platform, use an obsidian priest knife to open the sacrificer's body.
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    So who is responsible for this mess? Obama? Bush? Regan? Or those 0.01%?
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    Cute and stiff drowning boys

    Maybe too old. I think the "boy" means the male without pubic hair.
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    Autopsy on Beheaded Young Man

    There must have a story behind it.
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    Do you think cannibals need to eat all or part of the long pig?

    The heart and liver are much holier than any other part of humans or other kinds of animals. Their touch and smell are unique, especially when they are still warm.
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    Some words I wanted to share with you guys.

    Maybe you can learn something from the religions around the world, such as Shinto (Japan), Bon(Tibet), and Teotl(Aztec). Then you may read some philosophy books written by Heidegger, and I think some of his quotes might be helpful to everyone. "Every man is born as many men and dies as a single...
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    Boka Haram Soldier Humiliated

    Death without long-time torture is mercy based on what they did.
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    2022 Heat wave in India and Pakistan

    After the pandemic, Indian pics and videos became less and less online. Just think about last year, millions of death, but only less than 20 videos.
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    2022 Buffalo Shooting

    Who is American? This question needs an answer. Currently, Dem's are not popular to white, but the Rep's also do not work. If the American policy environment keeps toxin, things will be worse in the next 5-10 years.
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    Play with a body in the morgue

    It was posted here many years ago and forgotten for a long time. Now let's enjoy it again.
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    President Biden has pizza with US troops stationed in Poland on the Ukraine border

    When this world fell in the fire, the leader was eating pizza. What hell
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    Sacrilege is so exciting that I can't control myself

    I had forgotten when it started, but I could feel that in the last ten years, some crazy and uncoordinated instinctual desires ideas that come from mine id stricken my ego again and again. Let me keep in extreme anger and hate in the spring and summer—meanwhile, depression and despair in the...
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    Russo-Ukrainian War Photo Collection

    and a very interesting news. A Ukraine peace negotiator called Denis Kireev has been killed in the street by The Security Service of Ukraine.