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    Hi everyone

    yeah that's cool
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    looking for CDG stories written in Italian

    Hi, I'm Italian, if you want to write me in private
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    Just created two new albums

    very nice
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    Hanging Collection

    I'm so horny!!!
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    Time of execution

    During a exeucution why executioner read the sentence loudly?
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    Electric chair execution

    Yes this story is very horny
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    Time of execution

    Hello Why execution are always at midnoght or early in the morning?
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    Italian execution

    Non ti trovo su skype
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    Italian execution

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    Italian execution

    Any Italian to talk about execution? Qualche italiano con cui parlare di esecuzioni?
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    Firing Squad executions 1 of 5

    So hot best!!!!
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    What would be your favorutie or wanting way to DIE?

    a good style US execution
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    Role play

    Hello, I'm Italian I'm looking for prison role play, or execution role play
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    Lethal injection

    Who like lethal injection as type of execution?
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    executioner or prisoner

    which is your favourite figure to be? Executioner or the prisoner