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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    Something interesting I picked up from the local press. It appears there is a shortage of rubber in Malaysia and the leading manufacturer has produced no condoms for the last week. Now I accept that it may not be a major problems for most of the guys on this site but in the wider world...... ...
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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    I’m not sure things will get as bad as you fear. There is a theory that the virus may find it more difficult to replicate in hot climes although it will remain a theory at this stage since there is an absence of reliable data. But even if you are correct and food chains are disrupted then there...
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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    Meatpie ( and others ) None of us were alive when the 1919 Spanish flu struck. Millions died and i suspect many people thought it was the end of humanity. Fortunately they were wrong and humanity has gone onward and upward for the last hundred years. Now I hope we all come through this and...
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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    To be fair to Boris he has accepted for a while that Coronavirus is the greatest public health emergency to have hit the world for some generations and he is trying after a poor start to protect the welfare of the United Kingdom. In which he differs from Trump whose major concern is the economy...
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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    I guess part of the problem is the social isolation however necessary that is. Normally when one is low, when one has a problem then you go to friends and family for a chat, for a hug and cuddle, just for comfort. And this human comfort is what we are being deprived of at the time we need it...
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    SARS Pandemic Effects on our Community

    Meatpie No one will blame you for your anger, it’s something many of us feel, particularly towards those jokers Johnson and trump. And no, I didn’t vote for him or Corbyn either for that matter. But if you want a reliable source of news could I suggest the BBC radio world service. it has the...
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    SARS Pandemic Effects on our Community

    Trump sees himself as the ultimate businessman and to whom is his main responsibility and go hang everything else. Fortunately the one good thing which may come out of this is that he will be held responsible and accountable for the way he has run his country through this. And the U.K. is...
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    Thanks Meatpie for reopening CDG to all members whether elite or not. In crazy times like this the ability to communicate with friends is important and you are helping to facilitate this. And to all my friends on site keep well and healthy.
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    SARS Pandemic Effects on our Community

    So United Kingdom has now entered a form of lockdown. Most retails outlets are to close excepting food stores and supermarkets. Okay it makes sense but somehow big brother and his state comes to mind. Hopefully when we come out on the far side we will again become a liberal democracy. And I wish...
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    Age verification for accessing pornography

    The British Government has announced that it is to abandon steps to require pornography sites verify the age of their users by requiring them to provide personal details. Given that many of us are pretty guarded about our privacy and the ever present risk of sites being hacked that can only be a...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    To all my friends on site and to those who I hope may become friends in the fullness of time may I take this opportunity of wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I hope the new year may be renewed unto us all for good. And need I say it I look forward to our...
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    Self denying ordinance

    It may well be coincidence but the site is often limited following major multi postings, often in excess of twenty or more, by a single poster. Now I accept that the only people affected are the freeloaders such as me but I also believe that without our contribution the site is less attractive...
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    Following the passage of legislation in the USA many sites hosting pornographic and graphic stories have been forced to close. The most prominent of these is Zambian Meat but there are many others. In effect I understand that the USA claims a world wide jurisdiction whether or not the site’s are...
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    Happy New Year

    To all the Jewish colleagues on this site, both friends and those who may become friends in the future, may I take this opportunity of wishing you all a happy new year and well over the fast. And to everyone, Jewish or not, in the words of the traditional rose hashonah greeting, may the new year...
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    Merry Christmas

    To all my friends on site, to those I've crossed swords with over the last twelve months and those I haven't, my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Yesr. And rather surprisingly for such a greeting where it is traditional to wish you all you most want I'd prefer to hope that your...
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