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    Electrocuting suicide

    Old news, but I didn't see it here before. Indian man commited suicide after his wife death.:RIP:
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    Brains everywhere

    He thought that it is good idea to sleep under truck:not sure:
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    Gone with music...

    ...and monster bulge:tongue for you: Young man, 24y.o. was found by his girlfriend in his apartment. Police suspect electrocution (by headphones?:shock:) And yes, they kept him at place for so long that poor guy tied to wait and continue decomposting on their eyes:confused:
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    just hot as hell couple lying in a coffin

    Very afraid maybe it's already exist here, but it's better to share them twice than not to share at all. They are too :hot:
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    Cute barefooted 20y.o. lies in nice position.

    Tiago Lopes da Conceição, 20y.o. was shot and died on stairs in pool of his own urine.:RIP: PLEASE SOMEONE FLIP HIM!:sad1:
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    Hit to death guy with sexy opened eyes and mouth...

    ...showing us his naughty black:happy banana:
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    Sweet dreams young Lucas

    At Saturday, Lucas Eduardo Gonçalves 15 y.o. was killed in his bed. Earlier teenager received death threats. And on Saturday, killer arrived on a bicycle, went into the house, pushed Lucas grandmother away and made two shots to the head of helpless sleeping boy.:frown: Sweet and peaceful...
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    Cute 18 y.o. got headshot and wet his pants

    Young Jose Miranda de Almeida (Junior) 18 y.o. was friends with wrong guys. As result he over his short life in pool of his own blood with cute faceshot and one opened eye. Also looks like they tried to upend dead body, and that moment Jose did last action in this world: badly pissed his pants...
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    Short stupid stories about soldiers in my head+Photoshop

    Hi everybody, I need to tell you this story. I am private and I don’t have anyone to share my pain, that’s why I am here. My two friends are dead now. You can see them on this photo. Max (he is almost naked) and Roman. Max was gay. He was a good friend, and very kind guy. But you know not...
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    Street justice for two thieves

    According to police two thieves was lynched by mob for moto which they have stolen from moto-taxi service. One of them, teenage boy was beaten to death and died before police came. Second one was saved by policemen, but when he was put on ambulance stretcher someone from mob broke through the...
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    Young José da silva hit on his moto

    Lailson José da Silva, 24 y.o lying on the road so peaceful and dead:frown:
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    CDG decapitated shocked head with wide open mouth!

    Hope not repost.:damn wtf: Anyway this is the hottest decapitated head. I would like to play with this head and not only football:wink:
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    Two cute guys execution from Syria

    Hope not repost. Cute beheading video from Syria with bloodorgasmo from cut throat and *surprise* good background music (at last they did it:winner:) and yeah, rest in peace guys:RIP:
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    Why no one interest where is his Cute Dead Face?:hahahahha:
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    Young boy got headshot

    I saw this kid somewhere on this site, but there was not full set. So...