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  • Hey, my name pretty much says it all and I want my face to be blue for a while. I have VERY few limitations, and if ur interested in choking me, hit me up here or on yahoo (Nirvanafan201) I'm really easy going and LOVE to be choked as much as possible!
    :Christmas Tree:

    This night
    of all the nights
    is the year's last.
    All, all
    the other nights
    are gone, are past...
    the evening, with
    its fading light,

    put the lid
    on the hour
    and close it tight.
    Close up
    your tired eye;
    close up the day.
    Bid the old year
    and come away.
    Welcome and thanks for the friend request. I'm pretty new here too and am still exploring, but there is a lot of good stuff on CDG!

    Also, I really like your "some hangings I like" album., thanks for sharing. Very hot!!!
    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your friends request,you are the first.
    Your album pictures I like,Picture 2 is great,do you have any info on how he reacted to the hanging?
    I suspect that with old western hangings,there won`t be many good close ups?
    Have you seen any of black men hanging?There seems to be a shortage of these on CDG`s.
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