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  • ciao, anche io italiano, ti va di condividere i nostri interessi su skype? ti lascio il mio: drown.robert
    Hi :) I am just a little worried about you :/. That what you want to do is just role-play I hope. Think of this - just alive you can have the pleasure and the hornyness of seeing dead guys or playing getting hanged, If you do it in real life it would be over instantly. all of your hornyness or being aroused would be gone forever. What would be against your wish to be horny and getting sexual relive. So the best for you is to watch photos and videos here and role-play the fantasy you have with a wiling partner. So you can experience it over and over again. but be careful when you do it that no accidents could happen so that you can loose the rope at every time. Even if things go wrong.. It should loose itself by itself. Just to be safe.

    best regards
    Max :)
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