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    Daniel Ross facebook exposed

    This hairy ape is Daniel Ross, he lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What do you think about him ? Wouldn't be fun to rape him under the threat of a gun, make him shoot a big load of fat cum all over his hairy body and then strangle him to death and let the pathetic piece of dead meat in front...
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    My furry date tonight

    Say goodbye to Carl, he will never respond anymore on Grindr.
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    If you can kill hot actors / public figure, who will be your victim pleasure??

    Tom Selleck A few days after the end of the filming of an episode of Magnum. I follow him while he is tanning on the beach in speedo with his pornstache and manly hairy body. I menace him with a gun and tell him to remove his speedo and masturbate in front of me while I film him with a camera...
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    The coach and the twink

    Chris is a gay high school student . One day Chris decide to take a shower and catchs involuntarily his coach naked and all shampooed in the gym showers. He would have never imagined that he was so hairy, usualy chris like only other young twinks and find older and hairy men disgusting, but at...
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    doll fuckers vs necros

    I don't know but fuck, This man once murdered would be so good to fuck !
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    Bear Collection

    My dream to strangle to death and fuck this horny bull !
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    Your perfect victim

    If there was ONE man you could kill, snuff or just see being killed, and then rape his corpse, who would he be ? Post one picture of the unlucky chosen one of your dreams ! And after a while I propose to the members of CDG to vote for their favorite proposition ! Mine:
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    Boys died in various movie, enjoy

    Thanks I found the video ;) And few hot pictures
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    Bear Collection

    This stupid horny ape would be so much easy to strangle to death !
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    Boys died in various movie, enjoy

    Yes ! But from which movie is this beef ?
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    Boys died in various movie, enjoy

    Fuck I want this murdered beef !
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    ARREST ME (Hot Cops)

    I would like so much to see these two beefy policemen get killed and raped during their job ! Or why not in the public showers of the police station by corrupt cops mmmmmm !
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    Bear Collection

    If only I could kill this bull in the shower !:totally hot:
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    Your ULTIMATE desire

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    Hot man snuffed and strangled to death by a girl

    Hot mustached man strangled to death by a girl while they fuck in episode 7 of Penny dreadfull season 2. She sleeps with the beefy corpse all night. Sorry for the awful quality of the second video but it's still hot.