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    roleplay in Switzerland or central Europe

    Haha i wish i can be there ... but i am soooo far
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    roleplay in Switzerland or central Europe

    I can play dead perfectly ... i can play hanging role ... strangling ... suffocating ... drowning ... agonising after a headshot or a stab
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    Tied dead men

    Tied dead men .. i like the one with his dick exposed and hot hairy legs
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    Found hanged
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    He's gone

    Arms and legs tied up .... RIP
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    Very hot

    Very Handsome shirtless dude dying
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    Double agony

    2 fit hot lads dying in the arms of each other ... each one of them can feel the remaining warmth of his dude's dying body. It seems like a romantic death competition.
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    Found with Deathstare

    Me toooo
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    Hanging suicide

    Barefeet man hanged himself
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    Dying with dudes

    Pissing while dying is the best
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    Thief killed by police brazil

    Hot hot hot
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    Hanging Collection

    Yes we will suffocate, and suufer togethet
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    Wanna join your hanging party too, to be hanged till pissing ourselves
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    Dying barefeet

    You can strangle me next to him if you want
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    Strangled or Headshot?

    Love it too šŸ˜