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    16y/o Romel Antonio Leal Barboza shot (HD)

    Death came when he wanted to buy his breakfast. Romel Antonio Leal Barboza, 16, received two bullet wounds at 9:30 am, at 67C Street in El Museo, Los Arenales, Luis Hurtado Higuera. Romel was lying on the sand road, without shoes, with his Bayern Munich team jersey dyed his blood. Neighbors of...
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    I Saw Someone Drowning in Bali, Indonesia

    I am on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. I was walking along the Double Six Beach, when I suddenly saw a bunch of life guards running towards the sea, I followed them, and this is what I saw. FYI, he survived.
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    Which country should I go to have more chance seeing a corpse in the street?

    Planning to immigrate in the future. Brazil or Mexico?
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    I buit a website

    I will post beautiful corpse there. I am from China and all the posts will be in both English and Chinese. Link: 我建了一个新网站,我会发许多尸体照片在上面。所有内容都是中英双语。 链接:
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    Moped Rider's Leg Wrapped Around Post

    On August 29th in Thailand, a man was knocked off his moped and ended up in a very strange position. He died at the scene.
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    Super Fit Young Biker fell off and morto

    Sorry I do not have much info.
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    Hope the admin enable the https access because the Chinese great fire wall

    I am a Chinese CDG user. It has been one year and we still cannot open directly. Because the domain "" has been blocked. But at this moment, the GFW cannot block the access over https yet. It seems you guys have a self signed certificate, but when we try to type...
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    Cold Dead hands collection-For hand lovers (80+ pics)

    I am not sure are there some hands lovers(just like me) here. You can post any pics about dead hands here. And if possible, please post the body of the owner, too. Some are reposts. This is just a mixture. Let's start.
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    A young cute boy

    I don't know who is he,how old is he and what happened with he.I got that from baidu.
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