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    Watch People Die Video Collection

    One shot to explode his head, then another into his back to push the remains into the ditch.
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    This video has a short underwater scene:
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    Drowning execution in a cage

    If the crane can reach high enough, the cage full of guys could just be dropped. Soft ground could help keep the cage reusable for more guys. However it's used, it allows for freedom of movement and visibility during their death struggles.
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    Yemen: Public execution in close-up; victim dying slowly from shots

    > Even better footage of the same guy. Nice shot of his soles, and the crane dragging him up: < Too late: This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on violent or graphic content.
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    Drowning execution in a cage

    I think that the explosion of water just as the top of the cage goes under is from a guy who bent his head back, got water up his nose and sinuses, and coughed or sneezed. After that, he'd be very quickly full of water. I was expecting more than 2 or 3 hands holding or sticking through the top...
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    Drowning execution in a cage

    This cage could also be used for holding over or lowering onto a bonfire. Soft ground could help keep the cage reusable for more guys.
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    Guro artwork

    Thank you for sharing.
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    Another execution by gunshots

    He kept on kicking while he was being shot until a bullet hit his head. That makes me think it was real.
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    Drowning execution in a cage

    I suspect that the 2 cameras attached to the cage weren't waterproof. Some of what we did see underwater was from a different, hand held camera.
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    Drowning execution in a cage

    I wonder what they did to the one that was still gasping when they were brought back up?
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    Seem to be as many victims as killers!
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    Electric chair execution

    The original Electric Chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York had a spine or lower back pad with the helmet. There was a problem keeping good contact when the victim arched his back as he got shocked. Thank you for sharing
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    ISIS Execute Young SAA Soldier by Running him over with a Tank

    I had to activate and accept Adobe Flash to see the exciting video.
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    ISIS Sniper Execution

    Cool. He got to see it coming. It's neat how his blood and brains follow the bullet out the back of his head before he slumps. I guess his wrists are tied to the tree behind him.