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    A vision of my death by TECPATL

    Amazing story! All my favorite images: eating and “mother birding“ the kids balls, evisceration, and fucking a cute decapitated head😮😛💦💦💦
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    Persistant Boy, Dead Boy

    An absolutely perfect story, as usual! Super hot!
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    Savage Beheading and Butchering of Young Man in Brazil by Rival Gang Just Days Before New Year's

    Yeah very sexy boy! I would’ve like to see them take his head off and pull his guts and heart out💦
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    Schuyler's Last Ride

    This is an amazing story! Thanks!! Sucking the marrow out of that boys bones, fucking his stump, savoring his sweet organs and meat..OMG💦💦💦
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    Mactar and William found dead barefoot

    Wow! Super sexy. I wanna make love to their feet
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    A quick snuff film [story]

    Dude! I think i love you😂❤️ Holding the meat up by his ankles while you gut him, revealing the decapitated heads teeth, I would Love to masturbate on the teens innards while kissing his sexy decapitated head.
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    Library Meal

    Omg! Another great one. Love that you’re fucking him while his chest is completely gaping open in front of you. I can imagine you still chewing on his heart while you’re fucking him. That would be very cool!
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    Dismembering Brady

    Wow this is a perfect story! Super human sexy monster tearing this sweet boy to pieces and enjoying his blood and guts. Fucking hot!!
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    Fresh murder scene

    I love your art! Really sexy and so twisted with his eyeball shoved up his ass❤️❤️💦
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    Four handsome young men beheaded in Mexico

    Wow! Very pretty boys and their heads are so fuckable! Beautiful barefoot in the trunk: I’d like to match the head up with that body So I can worship his feet while skull fucking him