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    i want to play dead for someone in the UK

    We are also looking for guys in Moscow to shoot a video.
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    Erotic Suicide

    We're looking for guys tyzhe in Moscow for shooting video.
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    in the gut

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    18-year-old Russian actor died

    The 18-year-old Russian actor from the television series "Fizruk" tragically died during the accident at the Moscow Ring Road.
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    The guy killed with a knife

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    We are looking for young guys for filming a video

    We are looking for young guys for filming a video on the topic of wrestling, strangulation, interrogation. On the role of "victim" or "maniac." If interested, write
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    role of a victim

    Hi! We are looking for a guy of 19-29 years for the role of a victim. Russia Moscow. Https:// Write to
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    The guy with the cut throat.

    New guy, new photo.
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    Game: Shooting of Man

    How would you like to die this guy? Write your fantasies and scenarios!
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    New strangle guy

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    New collection guys

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    New strangle guy
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    Forum Members Playing Dead