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    My Peaceful Feet 2

    A long time ago I shared a picture of my bare feet exposed in a sunny setting with the same title, and when I revisited it just now, I saw that people had actually liked it, although I didn't think there was anything that attractive about my soles, they're not even close to some of the content...
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    What do you think about BestDeaths?

    What do you think about Best Deaths? I have been purchasing videos from them time to time, though not quite often, yet everytime I go on their site and want to buy something, it feels like a waste. I know it isn't, there is a certain amount of effort made and money spent for the filming of those...
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    No Images on Mobile Site

    Is it just me, or does anyone else also have such problem as not seeing any/most images on the mobile site?
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    My Peaceful Feet

    What do you think about them?
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    Double Killing
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    Young man assassinado while watching football match
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    Killed on a motorcycle when trying to escape
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    Jovem executado in his swim shorts and black tshirt with his torso exposed
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    Man is tortured and shot half naked with his arms tied up
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    Young man killed with shotgun bullet in the eye (Brazil)
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    Motoboy executado Skip to 0:54 for the actual crime scene
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    Chased and Killed with a Gunshot to the Head
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    Remember the old BestDeaths web page layout?

    For everyone who follows the website, here's the old version of it for some nostalgia: It takes time to load the entire page, and some of the images don't open because they were simply not saved...
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    "Playing Dead" Meme

    So last day I was just chillin looking at some internet memes' origins as I usually do from time to time. ...until I found this:
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