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    22 year old fit dude drowns

    damn almost seeing his dick
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    Riot in Venezuela prison kills at least 45

    Amazing pics.
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    gay killings

    kinda know this from youtube documentary
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    Necrophilia Becomes even More Severe and Extreme once you Start Fucking Real Dead Models and Athletes

    hopefully someone make a video tapes so i could enjoy watching it too omg i got hard just thinking about it, i wish i could see tht kind of video on here
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    Died by Heart Attack when have Sex

    i feel bad to laugh
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    what kind of necrophile are you??

    i like to see someone doing it to the dead boddy, it makes me rock hard
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    Captured Russian Soldier in Ukraine

    omg great found, he is so handome pleaspare him
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    Distracted man almost loses penis in auto accident in Florida USA šŸ˜®

    i wish icoudsee tht naked dead body
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    Young Guys Drowned after Their Boat Capsized in Indoensia

    the last one makes me kinda hard
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    Hairy Arab being washed

    arabs always my fav damn
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    Naked Athlete Dismembered Alive [BETTER QUALITY]

    i also still scare to see people dying, but get fully turn on after seeing their naked dead body, i wish i could touch their dead body just one time