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    Found with Deathstare

    he was so incredibly handsome
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    Cut throat and Chinese male body

    Really amazing pics, thanks for sharing
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    Italian Daddy Motorbiker Dies by Cut Throat with Wire on his Way

    He was very handsome. I appreciate the pic of his bike too.
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    russia man died wear black socks

    Jump suicide?
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    My Art - Male snuff and torture

    Thanks very much!
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    Cop Killed by Bank Robbers

    Amazing shots
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    ISIS Behead Super Handsome PPK Prisoner

    yeah, would love a reupload if anyone can. The website link seems to be inaccessible
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    amazing death stare
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    Four People Die in Russia Car Crash

    very unfortunate
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    Nail Bomb Victim

  11. hisdemons666

    Dismemberment and castration

    great pics
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    My Art - Male snuff and torture

    Yes, it can be time consuming. I am very glad to hear you enjoy. This will motivate me to work faster in the future!
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    My Art - Male snuff and torture

    Thank you! I am glad you enjoy it, thank you!
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    Dies in Accident and leaves a Good Bulge

    He was very cute
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    A lot of African Corpses

    Great collection, thanks for posting
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