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    Heads Off Rugby Part 2

    Heads off Rigby part two Blake seethed with the intense feelings of being used. He had never tasted anything so good. That last kiss from the Aussie was worth dying for. The referee tossed his head into the air as he blew the whistle and screamed play ball. Blake’s consciousness spun out into...
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    Two Heads are Better than One

    One afternoon twin brothers Doug and Jake watched a homemade YouTube movie about the French revolution and they see a series of handsome half naked young men beheaded. The camera vividly shows the facial expression of the victims as the heads roll off and blood flows. The film school special...
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    A little help from a friend

    Would you help out a needy friend?
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    Repost: Sports winners (oral vore/consensual/muscles/gay pr0n)

    Sports winners (oral vore/consensual/muscles/gay pr0n) Every 4 years the world is captivated by the Olympics. The best athletes in the world gather to win gold medals and fame. But true competitors don’t stop at the Olympic podium, There is a secret society of competitors that demands the...
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    What the hell was I doing? As I chatted to this guy online, I knew I was arranging my own death, but did so willingly, yes, ecstatically. My cock was hard and leaking precum every time we traded messages. Over a period of weeks we traded lots of messages! I had to be sure that he was real. I...
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    The Organ Donor

    I called out, "Number 27." "Yes sir, Ryken Davies here." Bingo! He was the cool surfer casually fondling himself on the far side of the waiting room. I hoped for this assignment from the moment I saw him in the waiting room. According to his contract he was twenty-two years and six...
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    Repost CARNIVAL by Steve Geary

    Story: CARNIVAL by Steve Geary Carnival by Steve Geary A land grab had been in progress for several months in Florida’s Orlando area. Someone had been buying large properties under various names, but when the scheme became apparent, most of the useful undeveloped barren acres had already been...
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    The William Burroughs Reader we scored for some civil war uniforms and joined one of the warring powers - And captured five soldiers who were wearing uniforms of a different color and the General got drunk and decided to hang the prisoners just for jolly and we rigged up a cart with a drop under a tree limb - The...
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    The Super Bowl Pool

    The Super Bowl Pool by slave rob Part I The ads had been placed in college newspapers throughout the country. It was a chance to win $10,000,000 in a football pool. There was no financial cost but there was a small risk. Applicants were to like the Super Bowl Pool page on Facebook. With 10...
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    The Way of Old World

    The Way of Old World If ghosts could tell tales then this would be mine. I was sent to Saudi Arabia by my firm, which had won a huge contract to provide telecommunications technology to the country. I was to be there for a three-month period during which time I would not see Hilary*and the...
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    The Right Feeling

    Henry picked up his phone and greedily entered the phone number he needed to text. A hot guy with bruises under his tank top had whispered the number in his ear as he left the locker room. Anybody who paid attention in the locker room would know that Henry liked getting wacked around. Most guys...
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    Plastic Jock

    Plastic Jock by Max A few years ago I was working with a bunch of college kids in a soccer league. I went with one team to Boston for a series. It was late afternoon and everyone was out practicing. I unlocked one of the dorm rooms to return some stuff to the team captain Bobby. There a hot...
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    Camp Waves/Repost

    Camp Waves Camp Waves was the best summer camp in the world. That is what the brochure said anyway. The waiting list to get in was a mile long, and the tuition for just the summer months would pay for a year at any Ivy League College. For the counselors who actually ran the place, the pay...
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    Fun stuff
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    Fucked while being guillotined

    Chop fucking is the best