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    In fact, for real, I have established how I'm gonna die. But, when is the question. I'm going to get my head cut off, then my body will be drained, gutted, and spitroasted. At least I will die the way I want to.
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    I'd rather be the meal. Either eaten alive or cooked. It's a case of I love food so much that I wanna become food. Honestly, if someone's hungry, I'm more than willing to be your meal.
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    One day, it can become reality. Maybe through me?~
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    Head lovers

    I wanna give my head to a more deserving male.
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    I do admit, I also have always wanted to get butchered and eaten. It would also play into my favorite execution method, beheading.
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    Seeking a boyfriend headsman

    I wanna date a guy who takes pleasure in cutting other men's heads off. I find beheading the hottest form of necrophilia, and I wanna see one live. Wickr: Mattswanson01
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    Young Man Knifed to Death on the Street by Rival Gang

    Hey. I do hope to get taken by a cannibal, so...
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    What would be your favorutie or wanting way to DIE?

    Either a sex based beheading, or a butchering. I would like my executioner/butcher to be naked, and I want my head bathed in cum.
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    Still seeking decapitation

    I won't stop until I'm dead. I seek a beheading, along with some necrophilia. Method doesn't matter, though I would prefer to see my body once my head is removed. Contact me through Wickr: MattSwanson01
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    Florida 21 year old for beheading/cooking

    Hit me up on Wickr. MattSwanson01.
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    Who wants my head?

    My head... It's longing to get chopped off. Any takers?
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    Chinese Gay Necro Made his Dream Come True

    Where do I sign?
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    Who wants to Corrupt?

    On Wickr, MattSwanson01, I want to see dark web decapitations... I also want to hear ideas about my death. Maybe, also, a kidnapping and beheading, naked... My body, displayed here...
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    I am HeadlessSlave,. and I am a 20 year old, who is obsessed with decapitations. So much that I plan to, myself, lose my head.