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    Brutal Needles in Cock and Balls Play Young Guy

    tied, spiked bloody, would have liked a night with this guy, bringing my toolbox
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    Found in a trash can

    bet his final orgasm was explosive
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    Very hot

    a butchered bloody clone
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    21-year-old Chechen Rebel Liquidated by FSB

    Love these hot lean and hairy fanatical chechens love the spreading stain of blood and piss at the crotch
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    Impalement. A sharpened 10 foot stake driven up the shithole, through the guts, and out of the neck. Lift the victim high and leave him for hours, then soak his bloody filthy still living body in gasoline and burn him
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    2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War

    torture, mutilation on the battlefield, execution of prisoners, keep it coming
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    Mike's original description of the scene in Larry's Nailing

    yeah wouldn't miss the balls being screwed to the post
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    Mike's original description of the scene in Larry's Nailing

    Larry had always been gullible. When the warden offered a shorter sentence for medical experimentation volunteers, Larry was the first to raise his hand. He didn't even think it odd when the warden asked the chosen volunteers to shave their heads and bodies and report to the infirmary naked in...
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    The Guru

    There are some Greasetank stories archived here: plenty of Nazi bloodsports
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    carcel on bdsmlr

    // lots of mike's stuff here, drooling cocks, nailed nuts and plenty of concentrated pleasure with knives and rope
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    Death party

    love that chest hair beard lean stripped body bodybody
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    What are your fetishes?

    knives, needles, bloodsports whips fisting whips bitter yellow dehydrated chempiss rancid jockstraps cigars
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    Handsome Young Man Beheaded by ISIS Child

    love the blood on the white tee-shirt
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    Death party

    Love these lean soldiers in their filthy uniforms. Looks as if someone has already started to strip them to fuck them. I would have liked to see them fucking each other then dying.