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    Death party

    love that chest hair beard lean stripped body bodybody
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    What are your fetishes?

    knives, needles, bloodsports whips fisting whips bitter yellow dehydrated chempiss rancid jockstraps cigars
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    Handsome Young Man Beheaded by ISIS Child

    love the blood on the white tee-shirt
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    Death party

    Love these lean soldiers in their filthy uniforms. Looks as if someone has already started to strip them to fuck them. I would have liked to see them fucking each other then dying.
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    Handsome Hairy Deaded Dude

    the cock leaps at the thought of it. also chest hair. slice the nipples off a hairy arab chest and suck. Then knifework in the crotch hair
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    Some Dante Artwork - Torture and Death

    and very suggestive tool benches with implements in reserve, pliers, knives, electric drills, all thrills to come
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    Some Dante Artwork - Torture and Death

    Thanks these are fabulous. Thje erotic power of nails!
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    The ultimate Artist X - Butchering (YUM!)

    always come back to the frenzied slaughter of Martin == knives, axes, sharpened stakes, scalpes down the cock
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    Death party

    these guys are so incredibly sexy, impale them. sharp stake up the shithole and hear them scream for hours. days.
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    Death party

    incredibly erotic scenes scenes. As for the beheaded corpse hanging from the back of the truck, alongside his head I want to see his mutilated genitals nailed there, and a bloody gap between his splayed legs. I also want to see the grinning killers, triumphant in their bloodlust, but knowing...
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    Handsome Hairy Deaded Dude

    beautiful with blood in the beard
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    Hanging Collection

    handsome men. good idea to wear a crisp white shirt for the occasion, looks really good
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    Bearded Arab Quickly Beheaded

    Absolutely they die so beautifully. I love to see the blood in their beards and chest hair caked in blood. Cut off their nipples and soak their body hair in blood.
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    What would be your favorutie or wanting way to DIE?

    keep some for the dogs
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    Dead Drug Traffickers

    I feel sorry for these drug traffickers. They do such good work.