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    New story at my blog

    I've just posted a new story at my blog. The story is called In and Out, and is a story about impalement during the reign of Prince Vlad Tepes. You can read it at . I hope you enjoy it!
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    New story on my blog

    I've just posted a new story entitled "Leave It To Bieber:Personal Services Chapter 3" at my blog. The story is about the capture, imprisonment and execution of a certain Canadian singer. The address for my blog is . If you enjoy it, please leave me...
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    Merry Christmas from K-Mart!

    Guys, Check out K-Mart's latest blue light special. Or should it be a red light special? LOL.
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    Personal Services

    My name is John Coldiani and I run the Coldiani Execution Service. For a fee, we will execute anybody that you want out of the way. I started as an arm of the Mafia, but with the sudden rise in population, the state saw the benefit of “population control”. They passed a bill authorizing...
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    New Blog

    Guys, I have started a new blogsite to host all my stories. The address is Check it out! Hang aka John
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    Double Trouble

    Keagen Robertson was a typical 20-year-old straight guy. He was 5’10”, 175 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. His handsome good looks attracted girls like honey attracts bees. He was the only son of his parents, and lived with them, although in a separate guesthouse on the property in Portland...
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    Hunting Season Chapter 2

    George Stephanos was a white male in his late 50’s. He went and saw his doctor, Dr. Johnson, for his annual physical. Dr. Johnson did the usual tests, then he told George, “I’m worried that you might develop diabetes, heart problems or some other chronic disease. You really need to drop some...
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    If I Can't Have You....

    Buck Olsen was a 19-year-old straight male. He was 5’10” and 170 lbs. His eyes were brown, and his hair was light brown as well. He lived on a ranch with his father and brothers, and was a carpenter by trade. About a year earlier, he had actually built a set of stocks, and then donated them to...
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    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    This story is in response to Fireboot's request. I hope you all enjoy it. Mike was my boyfriend, and the operative word is WAS! Mike was 6’ tall, about 170 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. We were just about to celebrate our 5th anniversary, and he was the love of my life. I had...
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    Ave, Caesar!

    David Severinus was the youngest son of one of Rome’s most powerful men, Senator Severinus. David was 20 years old, 5’10”, 170 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. Since his father was so powerful, David grew up at the court of the Emperor, and became very close friends with the Emperor’s eldest...
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    Hunting Season

    It’s hunting season, my favorite time of the year. Actually, for me it’s always hunting season, since I don’t hunt wild game. I have a taste for human meat, so I hunt other hunters. Today, I’m in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a very desolate area, yet full of wild game. And since it’s got a...
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    La Famiglia

    Don John “Big John” Coldiani was the head of the Coldiani family, the major crime family in St Louis, MO. Don John had grown very rich off of his cocaine trafficking. Of course, to be successful meant that he needed a stable of contacts in law enforcement and politics, and he had done well. The...
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    Who Shot Cock Robin?

    Who Shot Cock Robin? Robin Hood and his merry men were in Sherwood Forest, relaxing between robbing the wealthy and giving their ill-gotten gains to the poor. Robin Hood loved all the merry men, but he loved Little John most of all. Robin was 25, 6’4”and about 200 pounds. Little John was...
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    Wild Billy And The Birmingham Bad Boys

    Guys, hope you enjoy this 2 part story I wrote. Hang WILD BILLY AND THE BIRMINGHAM BAD BOYS Birmingham, Alabama in the 1890’s was a one-industry town. Big steel ran the town. Fathers and sons worked together in the steel mills, making a pittance working in the hot mills. Also, the mill...
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    Having just seen his noose ....

    Here's another guy contemplating his noose.