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    Syrian rebels execute teenage boy for ‘heresy’

    I think most of us agree that he did not deserve it in anyway. Apparently he was a street coffee vendor, the family business, and when asked for a free cup quipped "Not even if the Prophet himself returned." That joke apparently offended three armed men who took him away, beat him, then...
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    Playboy gets owned

    Robert Hoffman and Klaus Kinski in Grand Slam - another old time favorite 1967 Powered by VideoBam - Free Video Hosting
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    harpooned and drowned

    John Bromfield in Manfish - old but still one of my favorites
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    Future Swingers of Iran

    Iran executes far convicts more in prisons than in public... This thread is for those we may never see swinging. Some have already had their last dance. Some are waiting. Some we may see, most we won't.
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    Mexican Beauties - August 2012