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    Anal impalement

    Hello, I am looking for man and boys who are into anal impalement.
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    Young victims for anal impalement

    Hi. I am searching for young (max 35) victims who want to die from anal impalement
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    23 y victim here

    23 y old victim here. Looking for other victims to be part of mass execution or for cute killers.
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    Young impalers?

    I want to find YOUNG BOYS who want to be impaled or to impale someone through ass.
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    Serching for boys in impalement

    Serching for killers and victims to 35 y who likes anal impalement
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    Anyoune for deadgames?

    Anywane for deadgames (wht cute body): skype - al.petrov94 yahoo - +359895673144 gmail - kik - alex_bttm_boy wikr - alexbg94
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    Anal impalement

    Hi, serch for young and sexy killer (max 35 y) who want to impale someone or other victims mutuall impalement (max 35 y too)
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    Hi all, i am new here

    Hi, my name is Alex, i am 22 your old, 175 cm, 62 kg. I am 100 % victim and serch for my killer in Bulgaria, Russia (this is my prefered countrys) Balkans and all the world. I want to e tortured some days like in the hell and the impalement. Like to chat and whit other victims for how we go to...