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    Miss u ❤️
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    Cartel Member Executed with Rifle Then Chopped up

    Kinda want to see how they strip the corpse, process of beheading and dismemberment, maybe cut open the juicy belly afterwards..
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    Need a chubby meat nearby for christmas turkey

    I want to make a stuffed turkey. Can someone be a volunteer? Email me at To be a turkey u must have plump belly
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    A Chinese worker died in his dormitory

    chinese soup 😜😘😁
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    Suicide by hanging

    i hope i could suck his dick when he is jerking from the choke
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    Dead Fatties Collection

    he would be tasty as stew meat.. what a waste..
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    Fat Australian tourist found dead in bungalow

    i wish i could eat him
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    i would start stabbing first and suck the blood.. maybe bite a bit while sliding tongue inside the wound.. then i will open slowly and make u look at me sucking ur blood dry and biting on ur guts
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    Please kill me

    can i eat u?