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  • The pics you are posting in gallery are so great that i came in my pants first time in awhile. You know me. or what gets me off, anyway. thanks.
    Love all the pics of the shaved dude. Is this you or another piece of meat? He'd look hot getting butchered alive.
    Billy here I'm coming out in LA in March/April. Would love to hook up with you for some strangle sessions. Choked and strangled with my bare hands or maybe with ligatures like silk necktie or a belt or even use the garrote on you
    Love those comments you left on my pics. You seem like a fun guy to play with. Would wrestle you, and overpower you, until you went limp, flip you over and shove my dry cock in you
    As for a story, sure, feel free to write one -- given what I have seen of your writing, I would thoroughly enjoy it and find it boner-inducing, steamy j/o material. =]

    My dick is pretty average/medium, curves to the left. As for things that particularly excite me, I fantasize about being targeted because I dress so scantily (short shorts often), and because I am a tease and don't often willingly 'put out' -- really, almost ever.

    I find the idea of a cannibal looking at me as a piece of meat, and of hanging like a piece of meat, very exciting, even though I am not particularly turned on by the idea of being eaten itself. Part of that might be also because I like the idea of my naked, raped body being dumped like trash? But please feel free to use poetic license. As for mode of killing, I usually imagine it to be strangulation or bagging, but again, feel free to deviate if it seems to fit.
    Greg, wow, well, you wrote a tome there -- lots to, er, digest. :p

    Your analysis is mostly correct, I'd say; we are rather similar, and yes, you are definitely more muscular than I am, and I tend to be more feminine in some ways (mostly that I wear short shorts, I think)... and I agree the quality of my pics could be much better. I'll look into getting a real digital camera again today; I've not had one in years and the last two I've had have been stolen. All my pics have been taken with webcams, which as you know, aren't stellar in quality. I'll also do a pic as per your request, with erect cock. :)
    Anyone have any idea why I was denied access and received a message that I had to upgrade to a paid membership? Today I was able to get on again but I don't know if that will last.

    I post reasonably often and contribute a lot of pics, I don't know why I would be different from anyone else. And for sure most members have been here longer than I have. Are all of you paid subscribers?
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