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    Can somebody help me please!

    Love to watch you playing dead
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    Play Dead for me

    Love a gay necro playmate like you
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    I want to play with dead girls

    A threesome of necro play with Will92 would be ecstasy
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    Hi guys and girls.

    Your threads of gay necro play gives me an erection
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    You would make a dream gay necro playmate
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    Your a dream hot playmate. Your giving my cock a workout stroking to your modeling. Thanks for sharing your sex appeal with me.
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    Will92, your modeling and your photos on my computer screen bring me pleasure as i masturbate to your shots. Please keep it up. Your needed by me and many.
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    Irresistible death face on my computer screen is bringing me pleasure now
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    Will, you need to continue to take photos. Your body is close to perfect. Proceed with life, suicide is not the answer. Looking forward to new non suicide images in the future.
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    An Arab Dude Killed

    He has/had a cute looking face
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    New Before-After Make Up Corpses from Thailand

    Thai men are handsome in death
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    Death In Bogotá

    Should be lying in a Gay Necro's bedroom
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    Four On The Floor

    They would be dream playmates
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    Real Self Hanging in Football Gear with cum

    Love masturbating with your erotic play on my computer screen