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    Suicide by Poison

    Love to remove his jeans
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    Very hot

    I would give him a bubble bathe after his last breath
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    I want to shower him in hugs and kisses
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    Tied dead men

    You have good taste in dead lovers
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    He's gone

    Mighty desirable
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    Italian Banking Executive David Rossi Autopsy Photos

    David was irresistible. Wish i could have brought him home and turned him into my necro boyfriend
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    So desire him as my lifeless boyfriend
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    Love to wash his ass with my tongue
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    David Cavallin, 43 commits suicide stark naked with plastic bag over his head

    David's caucasian body gets my cock hard
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    Fat guy drowns naked in backyard swimming pool

    Love to fuck him in the pool as he floats lifelessly.
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    Prison Riot in Caraúbas Brazil Quatros Mortos

    Dream cell mates
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    Shot In Neck

    Love a bare foot corpse
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    Mighty desirable ass.
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    Dead Girls

    I would have stopped and watched the procedure
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    Fratricide: Drug Addict Older Brother Kills 17 yo Kid Brother With Pickaxe

    A man even his mother couldn't love