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    Black Man In Portland Looking to Get Choked and Strangled

    Very interested... nastywhitebear on wickr
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    Sadist Looking For Dark and Young Victims

    ikillthugboys on wickr
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    Black/Latino/College Jock No-Limit Sub Wanted

    Hello my fellow nasty fuckers. Looking for a hot black/latino sub, or a college jock into being used, raped, tortured, mutilated, and probably snuffed. Hanging, bagging, drowning, electrocution, choking, gutting, whatever. Contact me directly
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    WANTED: Black Thugs and Young White Jocks/Punks For Torture and Execution

    Hello everyone I am a sadist into torturing and snuffing willing (and unwilling ) black thugs and young white jocks. I have no limits except scat. Rape, mutilation, fisting, beating, CBT including complete cock removal and ball destruction), WS, TT, electro, and more. The ONLY thing I am...
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    Sadist/Executioner for Black Thugs and Young White Punks

    Hello Boys! Sadistic bear here. Love using and abusing black thugs :winner: and white punks. Younger is better :tognue2:. No limits here. Rape, torture, humiliation, mutilation, extreme CBT , FF, TT, and of course, various forms of snuff...hanging :hang:, bagging, beating, drowning, and...
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    Black and Young Jock Victim(s) Wanted

    Hi there. I'm a sadistic white bear looking for submissive blacks and young jocks into being tied up and used. No limits. Rape, torture, mutilation, and snuff. Hanging, bagging, dismemberment, electrocution, and more. Upstate NY here.
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    Black/Latino/Thugs/Punks Wanted for EXTREME ABUSE and EXECUTION

    Greetings to all you nasty fuckers here. I'm a sadistic white bear in Upstate NY looking for victims for EXTREME abuse, no-limits play, execution play. Hanging, beating, gutting, beheading, electrocution, drowning, choking, etc. Also into genital mutilation. Hit me up and let's chat...
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    Black Thug or Young Victim Wanted by Sadistic Executioner

    Howdy all. Looking for a hot black thug or young victim to meet up for his execution by one of various methods. Hanging, drowning, electrocution, gutting alive, dismemberment, bagging, etc. I truly have no limits and want to do this. I don't care if you're a willing victim or if some other...
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    Sadist Passing Through NYC Wednesday (14th) Morning

    Looking to meet up and get into some hardcore torture and breath control with a sub. Looking to do this between 5-7 am October 14. Bondage, rape, torture, CBT, choking, bagging, are all good.
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    Sadist Looking For Black/Latino and College Bois To USE and ABUSE

    Hello boys! Title says it all. I'm a nasty, sadistic, perverted DOM looking for black/latino subs to have my way with. VERY few limits here (scat comes to mind). Love torture, rape, mutilation, CBT, hanging, bagging, cutting, burning, and LOTS MORE. Get at me here and lets chat and go from there.
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    Sadist Looking To Experiment on Masochistic Sub

    Always looking for a hot sub to torture, mutilate, torture, etc., preferably one that willingly submits knowing he likely won't survive. Upstate NY here but I can travel and also love scenes with multiple sadists and/or victims. Love extreme CBT, hangings, baggings, choking, executions. Very...
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    Breath Control/CBT Sadist In Upstate NY

    Hello boys! Always on the prowl for hot victims to choke out/hang and then destroy their cock and balls. Love younger victims and black/latinos willing to be my helpless plaything. Into everything wild, taboo, pervrrted, sadistic, etc.
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    Sadist Looking For Punks/Thugs Into No Limit Play (Upstate NY)

    Hello boys! Sadistic bear here looking for FIT punks/thugs to do with as I please. Rape, torture, mutilation, dismemberment, castration, penis destruction/removal, hanging, and lots more. Get at me and let's chat and maybe have some fun :)
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    Upstate NY Sadist Looking To Torture, Hang Black Thug

    Looking to find a hot black thug to torture and hang. Also looking to chat with others into having their way with willing or unwilling black victims.
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    Black Thug and Twink Torture/Snuff Victims Wanted

    Nothing better than having my nasty, sadistic way with a hot black thug or a young twink. No-limits torture and snuff....hanging, gutting, dismemberment, castration. If you want to be my victim or are a fellow that gets off on torturing/snuffing thugs and twinks, get at me.