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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    Remember, wacky Trump says this is over so this must be fake news. :rolleyes1::rolleyes1::rolleyes1::rolleyes1::rolleyes1:
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    Fit Dude Tortured and Killed Then Thrown In The Canal

    The only thing that would have been better is more footage.
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    Naked Dead Boy

    Nice hairy little ass.
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    Barefoot Teenager

    Nice faceplant.
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    MetalmachineArt 2020

    Brilliant as always!!! Thanks
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    Five Young Lads Executado

    Love the woman reaching into the pants pocket and slapping the corpse on the ass.
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    COVID-19 Pandemic World Updates

    Such a needless loss. :cry:
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    32 years old, 626 pounds
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    Dead Lads In Car

    Safety glass didn't help.
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    Accident leaves 4 Dudes in Morgue

    Such a buffet!
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    Design Changes October 2020

    Search works great! You did a fine job with that! :heart love:
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    Man Beheaded by Mexican Cartel

    Glad to see the head. I'm expecting delivery of the body later this evening. :devilish:
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    1 dead after shooting at protest in Denver

    Thanks for your accurate reporting of this. The accused shooter is a security guard working for a Denver television station with no political agenda. There are scuzzy gore sites reporting the shooter as a liberal. Thank goodness for CDG and its interest in accuracy. I feel sorry for this poor...
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    Unidentifed Dead Bodies

    Sweet furry belly! :horny:
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    Unidentifed Dead Bodies

    Nice thuggish look.