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    "Das duo" - morgue scene

    Tv series "Das duo" episode: Unter Strom. This two hot "detective" female names: Charlotte Schwab and Ann-Kathrin Kramer:
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    McCallum - almost nude morgue scene

    British tv series "McCallum". This hot "coroner" name: Zara Turner.
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    L'allieva - almost nude morgue scene

    Italian tv series "L'allieva". In main starring hot med. students play: Alessandra Mastronardi, Martina Stella and Francesca Agostini.
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    "Post mortem" - nude morgue scene

    German tv series 'Post mortem'. Episode 6. Female "coroner" name: Anne Cathrin Buhtz.
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    What are your favourite Movies with corpses?

    Not quite movie but tv series and not only with man but also with woman - german series like: "Tatort" or "Der letzte zeuge" - with their short nude scenes in morgue are in every respect (actresses, scenery, reality) millions of light years better than hourly PKF movies.
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    "1983" -polish tv series - nude morgue scene

    nude actor name: Mikolaj Kubacki, his coroner: Magdalena Smalara
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    Der Staatsanwalt - almost nude morgue scene

    Welcome Gentleman, ready to eternal damnation? If not, run away from here. If yes, sate eyes. TV series: Der Staatsanwalt, episode Todliche fursorge. Beautiful coroner actress which exam this "corpse" named Astrid Posner. Who's next ready to be exam by her?
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    Kommissar Lucas - nude morgue scene:-)

    Hello perverts ;-) I think this may be interest you. German crime tv series "Kommissarin Lucas" episode: Das totenschiff. Morgue scene, nude victim on table and beautiful coroner and policewoman. I would like to be in his place
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    Tatort - Der tote vom Straßenrand. Beautiful morgue scene.

    Gentleman, beautiful scene, beautiful coroner:yummy2: and beautiful victim. What you prefer.