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    Traffic accident in the morgue, GOOD QUALITY

    vert good looking, thanks
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    Morgue vid, dead bandits.....might be known....

    oh man, lock me in there with them
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    New Morgue Boy

    cute kid
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    Autopsy boy

    a fave of mine
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    Autopsia Medico Legal

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    morgue video

    man oh man, I am in love, lust
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    Buchenwald concentration camp - Colour Movie

    I know its awful, but it bones me
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    Preparing Dead People for Funeral

    I would like to try and bring it back to life.
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    morgue video

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    May be repost. examining an overdose corpse.

    If they only understood how much easier they are to exam without clothing. Well that is what I would do.
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    Wait! Do NOT cut him down! He is not dead yet.

    I always think they also need a bit of pleasure during a hanging and would provide that service.
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    3 short Vids of a beheading. Hopefully new to some
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    exam in morgue

    beautiful man