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    Amazing Dude - a rare sight - cute in the face with awesome body, hairy legs

    Here are two more guys we could figure out how they could end up on the morgue table - they meet the criteria of being cute and have hairy legs.
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    Hairy Legs

    Thought I could add another. This is a potential guy for someone into necro.
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    Hairy Legs

    This one is even haurier.
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    Hairy Legs

    This is one that also meets the criteria.
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    Has anyone met for play and feared the other person?

    I have played a few times at Bear Run in San Francisco but also once invited soemone to my place. That last encounter left me feeling fearful and completely unsatisfied. How does one find that partner with whom play is enjoyable safe sane and consensual?
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    Lots of us fantasize about being the hangman in a play setting but would anyone here take the job of hangman if the state offered it, knowing there had been a trial and a jury had found the hangee guilty?
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    Would you be willing to participate?

    Imagine a prison where young guys are executed. Two guys are chosen. One is tied down on the gurney and the tubes are inserted for lethal injection. The other guy is told to bring the guy on the gurney to orgasm. If the guy on the gurney orgasms within 5 minutes, he dies. If he does not orgasm...
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    ISIS Cubs Execute Young Guys in Beheading Video Called "They Left their Beds Empty"

    Most Muslims believe the Koran tells them to be peaceful but there are those families in which the young are taught to hate and commit terror - maybe 1% of the Muslim believers.
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    While still young, this is very sad. The artilce contains a picture of him when he was younger. By the way, I tried to edit DROWNING to spell it correctly but I can not do so.
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    Your reactions?

    What do you feel when you see a cute guy like this? Would you want to fuck him alive or dead? Would you prefer to be at morgue doing an autopsy, or in a funeral home cleaning and dressing him for his open casket at the funeral?
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    Need to find out how this guy should be treated to death?

    You have your choice of method of execution and time and date.
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    Nooses:Washington DC

    Nooses found around Washington DC.
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    In Cambodia

    Wish there were more about this video
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    Examining feelings prior to Guilotine

    I wonder if anyone here has a story with the lead up to and execution by guillotine? Since the guillotine has not been used for several decades, I have been trying to find out what the process was in France? I have seen a couple of videos showing different ideas of it which leaves me wondering...
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    Thoughts before you die

    Have you ever thought about what goes through your mind when you know you are about to die in three hours? What do you imagine your corpse will look like? Do you think of being autopsied or buried or cremated? I am interested in your responses.