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    ISIS killed young arab men in some of the most brutal and sadistic ways. It sort of seemed like they were experimenting different methods opposed to a simple decap I awaited anxiously and hopeful for the time they have a line of strapping soldiers about 10 of them tied half naked on their backs...
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    Short and nice execution

    I like lethal injection. The idea of it sends my own heart racing. More than anything else. Strapping muscle boys down to kill them. A body struggling hard against the solid straps. locked in place trying to use his muscles to break free and escape. his heart accelerating hard with every...
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    A highly muscular young lad.. Not an ounce of fat on him. Elastic skin, solid 6 pack and built chest, Skinny but ripped literally bone and muscle I want him strapped down to table like Jake Kelvin on Boynapped. I want to slice open his body reach my hand into his chest cavity and wrap it around...
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    Hairy Man Autopsied Alive in another Brutal Mexico Cartel Execution Video

    Little guy fought right up until that delicious pump was pulled out of his chest. You can see the life in him right up until that moment. The heart is the soul of the man. I must eat it. I must consume that lifeforce that lives through the beat of his young heart. this is how every young guy...
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    Hong Kong fitness instructor

    Imagine being the authorties in China examining this guy. He is definately the type of boy I would imagine would need some sort of hosptial treatment for a drunken night out only the medics are looking at his impressive frame to rip his organs out of his body to sell on the black market. They...
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    Rare photos of the dead body of serial killer Dean Corll after he was shot by accomplice Elmer Wayne Henley in 1973

    He would of lasted so much longer if he had trusted his instincts and killed Elmer. Think he had at least 2 chances. Wish I was him.. I wouldn't have made his mistake. He should of killed him when he brought that girl and then proceeded to kill the other 2 himself
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    Heart Attack

    Absolutely adore the idea of cutting open my victim and removing his heart. I don't accept death unless their hearts have been pulled from their bodies like batteries taken out of a toy. Removing their hearts is essential and a must. However the guy in the video does nothing for me. His body...
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    Bulgarians knew how to deal with their undead.

    I dont understand the history of vampyrism and the logic of it. You drive a stake through a mans heart and bury him so he doesnt rise from the dead. Does this insinuate that if you remove the stake he would return? Why would you plunge a stake into the heart of a man to stop him coming back...
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    Neanderthals and modern humans in Bulgaria

    I don't believe they ever really went extinct. Homo Erectus too. I was looking into my blood type recently. Learned things I never knew and conspiracies and myths surrounding it. Some believe my O negative blood type is in biblical terms referenced to the Nephillim. Inca's referred it to the...
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    Strangled or Headshot?

    blood can get very messy splattered up your wallpaper and is pretty instant. the bullet kills the brain and stops bodily functions pretty instantly but tying up a young muscular male and tying a cord around his neck super tight in a knot.. You can do so much more i would hug that chest so hard...
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    Hong Kong fitness instructor

    delicious.. i need his heart in my belly, I wonder if it was salvageable.. I can only dream of how the autopsy man fondled and played with his internal organs on that slab and what he did with them. Just looking at his body I would of sank my teeth deep into his heart after I had pulled it out...
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    One knife. One stab. One man.

    just over his belly careful not to puncture his stomach. I want to wriggle my hand into the wound and wrap my hand around his still beating heart inside his muscular chest. i imagine it fits perfectly cradled into my palm as I stroke it, tease it and apply various amounts of pressure in...
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    A big fan of head and heart collection

    cook and eat his heart with his head on the dining table. would eat his biceps, calves, chest and abs too
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    Athletic Young Man Prepared for Cooking and Served as Dish by Gay Cannibal

    strap those arms and legs down, wrap a zip tie around his neck and cut out his heart before he suffocates. Cut his head off too and talk to it whilst i roast his heart
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    his heart looks perfectly succulent and tender. I want to cook it and eat it I bet it tastes amazing. disappointing they were more concerned by his head, theres a few vids where the butchers play with the victims hearts and some are still throbbing after being removed. I just know I must have...