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    Could you enjoy his corpse? What would you do?

    Imagine the guy of your hottest sex fantasies - the one you can never attain cause he's out of your league. The perfect age, look, build. 1. An admirer of yours (twisted as he is) kills the stud and leaves his clothed body for you to unwrap as a gift. Could you enjoy the dead cutie? 2...
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    Male Torture and Snuff Forum (non-consensual)

    For guys into discussing non-consensual torture and snuff.
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    Question: Is killing it yourself hotter or not?

    Do you think it would be hotter to select the guy you wanted as a corpse and to make him one yourself or would you prefer to stumble on a guy or be presented with one who is already dead? Would it be more or less thrilling to have known him before he died, either for a few minutes, hours or...
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    Beheading three Iraqi Young Men

    Have you guys seen this?
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    24 year old motorbike accident

    I hope this isn't a repeat... Looks like a cute guy making out with the pavement.
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    Yahoo snuffed me: My new email address

    Hi guys, Yahoo snuffed my account. I guess they don't like me jerking off to hot dead dudes. So, my new email account is
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    Old News: Rotenburg Cannibal

    Have you guys already talked about this?
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    What did Gacy use the board for?

    I was reading a story today about JW Gacy, who raped and killed a bunch of teen guys in Chicago. In the article, it noted the following things, which I'm sort of piecing together to imagine what each guy went through. - That he used chloroform to subdue the guys and handcuffs to restrain them...
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    Do you like knowing how a guy died?

    When you look at a pic of a hot guy, do you get off just seeing him dead or is it hotter to know what happened to him? For example, does it make a difference whether he was killed accidently, by choice or killed? For me, I'm not into dead guys... but a pic of a dead guy can be hot if I know...
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    Hi - Anyone else into torture

    Hi there, This is a really interesting site with some hot stuff on it. Personally, I'm not into corpses or necro, but I love hot str8 dudes getting tortured and then snuffed. Once they're snuffed, I'm over them. For me, the hot part is taking control, making them suffer and being able to...