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    Exchange Videos?

    Yeah. Do you?
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    Looking for sleep play in Essex.

    @Frieza2020 give me a message on wickr or kik. Username is colunut on both.
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    Looking to kill younger guy

    Hey I'm 25 and I live in the UK. I am looking to kill a younger twink guy. Give me a message on wickr if you're interested. My username is colunut Thanks :)
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    I will pay for custom pics

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    Naked slave

    Me too
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    anyone here in the uk

    I'm in the UK. Looking for someone to drug and play with. Im ypically a killer
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    UK Lads

    Me too
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    Exchange Videos?

    I have over 2000. Give me a message :)
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    Wickr or kik

    Hey all. I've just downloaded wickr and kik to make it easier to communicate. I'm typically a killer and love the idea of killing and raping. My username is colunut on both apps, feel free to message me or drop your username below and say what you're looking for :)
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    Looking for sleep play in Essex.

    Hey! I'm 25, 6 foot and looking for someone I can sleep play with. I want to be playing with your body after you've been drugged or spiked. Message me on here ot I created a kik account in the same name, always feel free to send me pics and vids of you acting or looking unconscious :)
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    Exchange Videos?

    I have loads if you're still here
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    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    I'd be willing to take you.
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    Kill me, please!

    I'd love to use you
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    Anyone based in London UK?

    I'm Essex
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    Boy Looking to be kidnapped and killed

    I'm size 19 feet (uk) and serious